Disruption tests character, how does your organisation and leadership measure up?

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When we created the Disruption Circle program, we could never have anticipated the impact of COVID-19 and what it would mean to our lives, our organisations and our global community. Our concept of introducing disruptive thought leaders to a network of senior HR leaders, has been disrupted, not by a disruptor, but a disruptive event unseen before by anyone in today’s workforce.

These challenging times test us all and can reveal the true character of organisations and their leaders. Successfully managing these moments can create opportunities to enhance reputations, provide leadership legacies and reinforce brand values which impact on people’s perceptions of organisations and leaders. These perceptions, positive and negative, can affect talent management strategies for existing staff and potential new talent.

We invite you to an interactive video conference where Klaus Duetoft, VP People – International at eBay, will discuss this question and provide a perspective of how his organisation has managed this issue and what actions we can all take to ensure we pass the character test.

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Klaus Duetoft

Klaus Duetoft leads the eBay Inc Asia Pacific People Organisation, providing HR support to all eBay employees across Asia Pacific. In addition he is a member of the eBay Inc Global People Leadership team.

Previously the founder and principal of Irrelach Consulting Pty Limited,
he delivered outsourced human resources solutions to small to medium sized organisations.  

Klaus has gained his extensive human resources experience in industry sectors including the pharmaceutical, fast moving consumer goods, high technology, eCommerce and mobile telecommunications sectors. Additionally he has had experience delivering human resources solutions throughout countries including Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, China, United States of America, United Kingdom and South Africa.

 He believes in ultimately enabling Organisations, Leaders and Employees to drive for results, create long term business value and do that in a way that is sustainable. 

Vice President - Asia Pacific - People

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When: Thursday April 23, 2pm - 3pm